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2015 Rules & Bylaws Meeting

The next Board Meeting will be on Monday November 3rd 2014 at 7:30PM in the Fairplay Park meeting room – above the concession stand near field 2.

The main topic of the meeting is discussion on any potential changes to the League’s Rules and Bylaws for 2015’s seasons.

If you have any questions about this meeting please contact your Area Rep.

Fall Ball

Our Fall Ball Program (instructional season) will be registering in August with practices starting as soon as practical and games in September and October.

We will offer our standard age divisions, 6&U, 8&U, 10&U, 12&U and 14&U, but it should be noted that the 12&U and 14&U divisions have minimal participation in the Fall due to school system’s program.

The age division for the players is determined by their age on January 1st 2014.  However, we recommend that all returning players play in the age division that they will play in the Spring of 2015.  New players – especially in the younger divisions – should play at the youngest division available to them (based on their current age) to familiarize themselves to the game.

Registration dates and the fees have not been set as of this time.  In the past registration was held at the local parks on Saturdays and the fees have been less than $70 per player.  We will post the information on this website as it becomes available.

Your player will need her own batting helmet (with face mask) and a fielder’s glove (one that she can open and close with her hand and is large enough to accommodate a softball).  Bats are optional (since most teams have bats available) as are cleats, which need to be plastic not steel.


Softball Camp

Late Notice –

Softball Camp for 8 to 10 year old players by Ben Higginbotham
June 25 – 26 9:00 AM ti 11:00 AM
Alexander HS Softball Field
$60.00 per player.
Maximum players will be six.

Contact Ben at 678.794.6711 for information and availability.

Ben Higginbotham is a former youth coach in DCGS, former Softball Head Coach at LSHS.

Thanks for a Great Season!

The results for the End of Season Tournament have been posted – other than the 12&U-A as there is an IF game that still needs to be played.

After the rain on Thursday – and a little on Saturday morning – we got the games played and the trophies distributed.  Thank you to the parents for your patience as we had to re-arrange everything.  There were some great games – including the nine inning championship game in 12&U-A championship and a comeback in the 8&U-A IF game on the last day.  We hope that all the players have good memories of their experiences this Spring.

Thank you to Winston and Fairplay park for hosting the games.

Good luck to everyone that is going to play ball this summer and school ball this Fall.  We hope to see the younger players in our Fall Ball program – registration will be in August.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • 6&U – W Diamonds
  • 8&U-A – W Smack
  • 8&U-B – W Knockouts
  • 10&U-A – FP Fusion
  • 10&U-B – DL Firecrackers
  • 12&U-B – W Impact

EoST games today Thurday 5/15 RAINED OUT

We are rained out tonite Thursday 5/15/2014.

The brackets have been updated to reflect the new schedule. Here is the basic schedule:

6&U Will play a one day tournament at Post Road Park Saturday 5/17 starting at 9:00AM

8&U-A Will play starting on Friday with four games at Post Road Park, finishing on Tuesday of next week.

8&U-B Will Play a one day tournament at Fairplay Park Saturday 5/17 starting at 10:00AM

10&U-A will play game 1 at 8:00PM on Friday at Fairplay, Games 2 & IF on Saturday afternoon

10&U-B will play game 1 at 6:30PM on Friday at Fairplay, Games 2 & IF on Saturday afternoon.

12&U-A will start play on Monday 5/19.

12&U-B will play game 1 at 6:30PM on Friday at Fairplay with game 2 following, IF is TBA.