Games on Thursday 3/13 POSTPONED

Tonight’s games have been postponed due to the cold weather.  The makeup date is Wednesday March 19th 2014 – same times and fields.

At 3PM EDT the temperature was 49 DEG F with 16-20MPH winds in Winston, GA according to with a predicted temperature of 49 DEG F and 10MPH winds at 6:15PM.  By the end of the games at 8:30-9PM it is predicted to be 44 DEG F with 5 – 10 MPH winds.  The temperatures combined with the wind speeds drove this decision.

Tonight’s postponed games are as follows:

3/13/2014 Thu 6:15 PM  PR F1, 10U  W Mystics vs. FP Fusion
3/13/2014 Thu 7:30 PM  PR F1, 12U  W Fierce vs. LS Phenoms

3/13/2014 Thu 6:15 PM  PR F2, 6U  W Lady Bugs vs. FP Wolverines
3/13/2014 Thu 7:30 PM  PR F2, 8U  W Heartbreakers vs. W Knockouts

Stay warm – and good luck to all who are playing in the Shamrock Showdown tournament this weekend.